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The Tourette Syndrome Foundation of Canada has affiliates across the country to help families with TS. Local chapter or "support" meetings allow families to exchange ideas and feelings about their common problems.

Parents of a child with TS have to walk a fine line between understanding and over protection. They are periodically faced with deciding whether or not certain actions are the expression of TS or just manipulative behaviour. Parents then must determine the appropriate response. A child should be encouraged to control socially unacceptable behaviour whenever possible, and to try to substitute what is socially acceptable for what is not. Parents are urged to give their children with TS the opportunity for as much independence as possible, while gently but firmly limiting attempts by some children to use their symptoms to control those around them.

A great way to keep informed and support the ongoing efforts of the foundation is to undertake membership within the TSFC.

A publication that will provide further family information is Understanding Tourette Syndrome "A Handbook For Families". Visit our online shopping area to order your copy today.

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