Students with TS Have Special Educational Needs

While school children with TS as a group have the same IQ range as the population at large, special educational support may be required. Some have certain types of learning disorders, which when combined with attention deficit disorder and the problems inherent in dealing with the frequent tics, may call for special educational assistance. The use of tape recorders, typewriters or computers for reading and writing problems, un-timed exams (in a private room if vocal tics are a problem) and permission to leave the classroom when tics become overwhelming are often helpful. Some children need extra help such as access to tutoring in a resource room.

When difficulties in school cannot be resolved, an educational evaluation may be indicated. Any child thus recognized as needing a specially designed program is entitled to the development and application of that program by his or her Board of Education. (Names of such special education services vary from province to province.)

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