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Kids with Tourette Syndrome have ‘tics’. Tics are sounds or actions that some people make again and again. They do tics because their brain tells them to.

Tics may look funny, but not if you have Tourette Syndrome. Some tics are:

  • Blinking
  • Jumping
  • Throat clearing
  • Arm flapping

Kids with Tourette Syndrome don’t like to tic, only they can’t stop. Tics aren’t fun because:

  • Tics can make you sore
  • Tics can make you tired
  • Tics can make it hard to do schoolwork
  • Doing tics might get you teased or bullied
  • Doing tics might get you in trouble

Kids with Tourette Syndrome work hard at school like other boys and girls. Sometimes they need to learn in a different way. They may need more time for a test. They may need to go to a quiet place to do their work.

Kids with Tourette Syndrome can do everything other people do, just differently. Also, they can be anything. They can be doctors. They can be firefighters. They can be teachers.

If you have Tourette Syndrome:

  • Learn about it
  • Don’t keep it a secret
  • Don’t use it as an excuse for not doing something
  • Be proud of yourself

If you know someone with Tourette Syndrome:

  • Learn about it
  • Join with them in games or sports
  • Tell your teacher if someone is making fun of them
  • Be proud of them

Download a PDF of the Kids Activity Sheet 'Tell Me About Tourette!'


  1. Download the PDF by clicking here or on the picture above.
  2. Print it out on 11x17 paper. If your printer doesn't support it, take the file to a copy centre, have a friend print it out for you, or order it online.
  3. Bring out the pencil crayons and have fun learning about Tourette Syndrome with your young ones! It also makes a great classroom learning tool.

    Note: This is a free, low resolution version of the activity sheet and you may print as many copies of it as you would like. If, however, you wish to receive high quality, colourful, professionally printed copies, you may order them online by clicking here.

How do I tell other kids about TS?

Have you started at a new school? Are you joining a new club/sport team/other group? Did you just make a new friend? Do they “get it”?

Trying to explain TS can be tough. Helping others helps you.

We have some help for you. Peter and Troy are 2 boys with TS. They have made a presentation you can share with your class, group or friends. They’ve used words everyone will understand and also added some pictures and a bit of animation to make it fun.

Download Peter and Troy’s PowerPoint presentation here.

Their presentation ends with the verse “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  This verse can be used as part of your presentation to help others “get it”. As you lead them through this exercise, it will help them better understand what it means to have TS.

Download instructions on how to use “Twinkle Twinkle”:
For kids
For parents, teachers, or group leaders

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